Ladies First Distribution Premium TV content dedicated to the female audience

Ladies First Distribution is the first distribution company on the international market which focuses on premium TV content dedicated to the female audience.

We are interested in all possible women related topics, from light entertainment to social issues, documentaries. In our international catalog we have several lifestyle series, documentaries, factual shows; some of them with leader audience share data from their local market and /or award-winners in their category.

We are working with producers from all around the world, for example from France, USA, India… We are grateful for the trust of our partners as they enable us to offer only the very best to our clients worldwide.

Besides our unique thematic specialization, we are also among the first companies engaged in 4K ULTRA HD production coming directly from Hollywood !

4K ULTRA HD is the future of television, which we believe in very strongly, that’s why we started producing 4K content already in the beginning of 2013. We have native, real 4K content for worldwide TV sales. Our 4K lifestyle series have been filmed with 4K cameras, in the heart of the TV industry, Hollywood. Thanks to our talented production teams, there is no doubt about the high quality and the engagement not only professionally but with personal passion as well. You find real 4K ULTRA HD experts with us and we are glad to help our clients to broadcast and/or test this new generation of television content, the wonderful 4K.