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The Swirl Life With Karla

The Swirl Life With Karla

The Swirl Life With Karla


Wine, the perfect gift from the gods! It’s art, it’s timeless, it brings people together, it even defines a culture. We journey into the world of wine through its people, places and historical cultural identity; discovering what makes this part of the world unique! This is a culinary travel show that takes the viewer on a sensory exploration to some of the most beautiful landscapes where wine is the hero. Our guides are the winemakers, chefs and cultural icons that turn these farms into memorable experiences for the world to enjoy. This unforgettable journey
stretches from the deserts of the Swartland to the mountains of Stellenbosch in South Africa. Capturing the picturesque settings where the creation of wine culture stem from. The heritage, the history, the land and its beauty. Through people, places, food and culture. And remember, the 4 important steps to tasting your favourite vino just like a Sommelier: See, Swirl, Smell and Sip.

24 eps x 30min

4K, HD


Food & Travel


Available worldwide

The Swirl Life With Karla