Inspiring discussions in a unique one-on-one interview show!

One-on-one interview program
85 x 26 min / HD 16:9 / English
2015 – ongoing / Available worldwide

Profiles is a unique one-on-one celebrity interview program hosted by Mickey Burns and features celebrities from all walks of the entertainment and show business world.
Profiles is filmed in Times Square in the heart of New York City and is known for it’s in-depth interviews, featuring one guest per episode. The series has been the recipient of seven Telly Awards and recently celebrated it’s 400th episode milestone.

About the Host:

Mickey Burns began hosting Profiles in 2003. His core audience consists of millions of discerning adults, who tune in to hear celebrities from all walks of the entertainment and show business world engaging in intelligent and entertaining conversation.
Burns has become a favorite among celebrities, who after sitting down with him, often comment that it was the best interview they’ve ever had. Says Burns, “Profiles gives our audiences information and conversation that they just can’t get anywhere else”.

One-on-one interview talk show
32 x 26 min / HD 16:9
English / ongoing
Available worldwide

Best of Profiles is a spin-off from the highly successful and popular television series “Profiles”. The series is hosted by Mickey Burns.
Each episode features Three Celebrities brought together through a common theme or category, such as:
1. “Rock n’ Roll Hall of Famers”
2. “Academy Award Winners”
3. “Grammy Award Winners”
4. “Television Child Stars”
5. “Broadway Stars”
6. “Super Models”
7. “TV Leading Men”
8. “Musical Hit Makers”
and many more…