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Magnetic Cities

Magnetic Cities

Magnetic Cities


Magnetic Cities explore the world’s most magnetic cities and explores what makes them great. It does so by centring the storyline on the founder of a technology startup, and their journey to building the world’s next unicorn company. This perspective on both their journey and their location is complemented by voices from the ecosystem that they are located in – government, venture capital and innovation intermediaries (accelerators). In doing so, however, the storyline isn’t just about startups and their success. Rather, this focus is couched in a vibrant exploration of the place they’re in and what makes it magnetic. It’s about the food, culture and hot spots that make this place a magnet and allows it to retain and attract talent. The discussion takes place at the Founder’s favourite restaurant, in their favourite neighbourhood and overlooking their favourite place to hang out.

18 eps x 30min

4K, HD


Entrepreneurship & Leadership


Available worldwide

Magnetic Cities