Discover the breathtaking Vietnam with its delicious, exotic cuisine!

Beautiful landscape, delicious food, cultural specificities will make the audience dream about this exceptional country and will want to taste all the specialties, meet the smiling and friendly people from there and be part of the overwhelming Vietnam experience.

Have you ever been in Vietnam? Not yet? Let us bring you there with this beautiful show!

The host, Robert Danhi makes us discover Vietnam from a tourist point of view. He tries local food, he meets Vietnamese people to talk about their customs, he gets in touch with ethnic minorities and he always finds a new challenge with local people. Thanks to his sense of humor and adventurous personality, he often shocks the audience with some crazy situations he gets into! Very entertaining and absolutely breathtaking, the Taste of Vietnam is a show you don’t want to miss!

26 x 24’ / HD 16:9 / English / 2013-2014
Cooking, travel, adventure
Available worldwide excl.Asia