LA MALAEDUCAXXXION – What about your sex life?


 A refreshingly open and honest talk show about sex!

Are you ready to talk about sexuality without any judgment and taboos? Would you be curious to hear the piquant details and secrets from others how they think about their sexuality, what they like and what they don’t, how they discovered diverse ways to have a passionate and exciting sex life?

In La Malaeduxaxxxion  talk-show forty women and four men of every age, nationality and culture, exchange their views and experiences about sex in a respectful and entertaining way!

In a stylish and slightly retro studio, the charismatic host Elena Di Ciocco welcomes her guests for some spicydiscussions…The protagonists of each episode are ordinary men and women who share their erotic fantasies, curiosities and experiences of their daily lives. The show follows neither a didactic approach, nor involves the opinions of sex therapists or psychologists. At the beginning an erotic monologue extracted from the greatest literary masterpieces, opens the show and introduces the topic of conversation.

The confidential discussion will also include short interviews with philosophers, playwrights, actors, directors and writers, who reveal their human sides as they struggle with feelings, passion and sex. Each episode of the show will provide fun, easy and practical ideas to spice up your sex life!

28 x 1h / HD 16:9
Talk show around sexuality
Italian, English / 2012-2014
Available worldwide excl. Italy