Born out of the unique integration of very diverse and different cooking styles and of freshly prepared local ingredients, California cuisine stands for originality. The dishes presented in this show are a perfect image of the Californian lifestyle: joyful, dynamic, full of fun and relaxation.

From this sunny and energetic environment, our 2 celebrity chefs from Hollywood, Jack Smiler and Max Bobritsky, present California dishes in a way you’ll never forget. Their long-time experience, unique style and character guarantee that you’ll NEVER have found cooking so much fun before.

From their Los Angeles restaurant, Jack and Max will present a vast array of menus in their own inimitable way, showing in many cases, specific secrets that originate in California. Special guests will bring along their expertise in all subjects from oil, wine, deserts and more.

13 x 26’ / English

HD 16:9

Year 2013