Ask Dr. Nandi

244 x 1h and 100 x 2′
Health, wellness, nutrition
HD 16:9 / English / 2012-2018
Available worldwide excl. USA
Are you looking for an answer to your medical condition? Look no further… Just Ask Dr. Nandi! Learn the secret of good health from those who’ve had the worst, in this informational, heart-felt and often humorous medical lifestyle show…Read more

Pregnant Women

14 x 30′, 2 x 60′ and 8 x 120′
Uplifting stories, maternity, family life, babies
4K (3840 x 2160 pixels) / English, French, Russian / 2016
Available worldwide
Discover the uplifting stories of these four families awaiting the arrival of their child. Nathalie and Naoufel already have two boys and are hoping for a little girl. Clara is pregnant with twins, while Kim is only eighteen and struggling to engage with her boyfriend…Read more

Real health

13 x 30′ / HD 16:9 / English
Health, wellness, nutrition
2016 / Available Worldwide
Real Health is a studio based chat show, hosted by Stayce Holland, featuring topics about holistic health solutions. It explores how these solutions, when practiced correctly, leads to a physically, emotionally and mentally healthier body, mind and soul…Read more

Relax California style

13 x 26’ / 4k Ultra HD / English
Wellness, relaxation, yoga
2013 / Available worldwide
California, the most populous state in the USA and the center of the American entertainment industry! Sunny beaches, a cult for beauty and an extremely dynamic society are some of the many identities of this state. In this fast-moving, never sleeping environment it is essential to know when to have a break, to disconnect and find your inner peace…Read more

Training with Christophe

22 x 25′ / HD 16:9 / French, English
Sport, fitness
2014 / Available worldwide excl. FR, CH, LU and BE
Keep working out with Christophe in this dynamic series surrounded by beautiful views and palm trees!
Squats, push-ups, adaptable cardio training exercises…Read more

Your Health is on your plate

79 x 26’ / HD 16:9 / French, English
wellness, nutrition
2014 / Available worldwide excl. FR, CH, LU and BE
Learn to live healthy thanks to the advices of experts who will show how a balanced diet can be accessible for everyone. Some easy nutrition rules, revisited French cuisine, some delicious but light recipes, good mood and…Read more

All around Wellness

All around wellness

137 x 26’ / HD 16:9 / French, English
2014 / Available worldwide excl. FR, CH, LU and BE
All questions around wellness will be answered, a show to make you feel better in your skin!
Experts give their advices on helping women to lead a healthy life and to be in excellent shape every single day!…Read more