The Posh Pescatarian: Appetite for Adventure!

13 x26′ / HD 16:9 / English
Cooking, Travel, Adventure
2013-2015 / Available worldwide
The Posh Pescatarian: Appetite for Adventure! is a hybrid lifestyle series that blends cooking, adventure, fashion and travel! Stephanie, the host of the show brings us to different beautiful destinationsRead more

Taste of Vietnam

26 x 24′ / HD 16:9 / English / 2013-2014
Cooking, Travel, Adventure
Available worldwide excl.Asia
Beautiful landscape, delicious food, cultural specificities will make the audience dream about this exceptional country, the wonderful Vietnam… Read more

Enjoy your meal!

200 x 30’ / HD 16:9
Cooking, International recipes
Bulgarian, English, Russian / 2014
This excellent cooking program will show you how easy it can be to prepare amazing meals; it will reveal extraordinary products and flavors, as well as the latest trends in culinary arts…. Read more

Sugar and Spice

13 x 30’ / HD 16:9 / English
Cooking, International recipes
2015 / Available worldwide
Join Yudhika Sujanani in her vibrant deli kitchen as she takes us on a journey of flavours, from her spicy Indian roots to the fragrant food of the Far East and the subtle aromas of… Read more

Cooking California style

13 x 26’ / HD 16:9 / English
Born out of the unique integration of very diverse and different cooking styles and of freshly prepared local ingredients, California cuisine stands for originality. The dishes presented in this show are a perfect image of the Californian lifestyle: joyful, dynamic, full of fun and relaxation…Read more