Dolce Vita

30 x 26′(2 seasons) / HD 16:9 / French / 2015-2018
Travel, Discovery, Luxury
Available worldwide excluding Belgium
The ‘Dolce Vita’ is a travel related documentary series which brings the viewers to amazing destinations all around the world. Local gastronomy, art, fashion, jewelries, local history, all in this beautiful program.
Some destinations from… Read more

My Zen Trendy

31 x 26′(2 seasons) / 4K / French / 2018
Lifestyle, Food, Wellness
Available worldwide excluding France
You will discover in each episode of 26min 3 trends about food, beauty, sport and well-being. From California to Los Angeles, join the trend-spotter, Val Kahl, to hunt some exquisite foods, latest lifestyle activities… Read more

May’s Kitchen

20 x 45′ / 4K / Arabic / 2017
Food, Lifestyle, International recipes
Available worldwide excluding the Middle East
May’s Kitchen is a cooking show based on May’s real life. It takes place in her house and involves her family and her friends and showcases how food is a key element of her everyday life. The memories we make with family and friends around a table… Read more

So Sweet

61 x 30′ (3 seasons) / HD 16:9 / French / 2015 – 2018
Cakes, desserts, French pastry
Available worldwide excluding France and Belgium
A pastry course for you alone? Have you ever dreamt of that? This is your chance, in the program ‘So Sweet’ you can join the masterclass exclusive… Read more

My Day Dubai

11 x 26′ / 4K / English, French, Russian / 2018
Lifestyle, Food, Wellness
Available worldwide excluding France
Welcome to My Day Dubai! Our host Gabriela, takes you on a wonderful journey through the always sunny United Arab Emirates. She explores for you the best places to relax, energize, keep fit and healthy. Gabriela discovers for you the newest lifestyle trends and meets inspiring women from different fields. She introduces… Read more

The Chef in France

9 x 75′ / HD 16:9 / French / 2010-2017
Cooking, French cuisine, Travel in France
Available worldwide excluding France and Belgium
In this program the playground of Cyril Lignac is France where he will discover local recipes, the diversity of products and the richness of this territory! We can witness his adventures like… Read more

Short programs – with the French Star Chef Cyril Lignac!

100% French Flavours – 90 x 5-10 min / HD 16:9 / French / 2011-2014

MIAM Recipes – 108 x 5 min / HD 16:9 / French / 2009-2011

French cuisine, gastronomy, Travel in France
Available worldwide excluding France and Belgium

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Real Italy with Riccardo

9 x 30′ / HD 16:9 / Czech with English script available / 2017-2018
Food, Italian cuisine, hospitality
Available worldwide excl. Czech Republic and Slovakia
The show, named Real Italy with Riccardo, offers viewers an exclusive „backstage“ view of Riccardo Lucque’s italian
restaurants and bistros in the beautiful Prague and…. Read more

Sugar and Spice

13 x 30’ / HD 16:9 / English
Cooking, International recipes
2015 / Available worldwide
Join Yudhika Sujanani in her vibrant deli kitchen as she takes us on a journey of flavours, from her spicy Indian roots to the fragrant food of the Far East and the subtle aromas of… Read more

Guest House

9 x 60’ and 4 x 30′ / 4K (3 840 x 2 160 pixels) / English, French, Russian
Surprising guest houses, holidays, hospitality
2016 / Available worldwide
Join our host Vanessa as she takes you to visit some of the most beautiful and surprising guest houses across the world. Together you will explore luxurious cabins nestled in the treetops… Read more

Road Trip

7 x 60′ / 4K (3 840 x 2 160 pixels) / English, French, Russian
Day-to-day adventures, cultural encounters, magnificent landscapes
2016 / Available worldwide
Three journalists are spending a month behind the wheel of a camping car as they travel from Paris to Moscow, sharing all their adventures and cultural encounters along the way. Their itinerary doesn’t just stop at major cities like Brussels… Read more

Cooking California style

13 x 26’ / HD 16:9 / English
Born out of the unique integration of very diverse and different cooking styles and of freshly prepared local ingredients, California cuisine stands for originality. The dishes presented in this show are a perfect image of the Californian lifestyle: joyful, dynamic, full of fun and relaxation…Read more